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Swamps, Rivers & Ranges Inc.

Our Vision

“Working alongside community to improve the health of landscapes”

Swamps, Rivers and Ranges (SRR) is a community driven landscape restoration group. 

SRR exists to make positive contributions to enhancing the natural environment of our region, filling strategic gaps and applying a long term perspective at a broad landscape scale. 


This was a fantastic and constructive forum for practical actions to help our region adapt and keep delivering what we value into the future of a changing climate

We continue to collate the feedback, thoughts and ideas from the day and the presentations can be viewed in our resources section.

This event is supported by NRCL, NECMA, DELWP and the Rural City of Wangaratta

Due to the uncertainty around Covid we have postponed many of our field days until we can do so in a safe and compliant way. You can however register your interest to attend a future field day.

Field days may be focussed on camera changes, spotlighting or bird surveys.

These field days and timing is subject to change depending on weather so please RSVP via swampsriversranges@gmail.com

These surveys were conducted on the 14th of November within the Warby Ovens National Park. With the summer visitors in the region, we will now collate the data ready for reporting in our Summer newsletter.


Bushfire recovery

Bushfire recovery program continues

This project involving field days, bird surveys and the use of field cameras has many opportunities to get involved. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities or contact us to register your interest.

Spring season

Spring is officially here

Swamps, Rivers & Ranges spring bird surveys are conducted throughout November. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Climate forum

Navigating climate change in North-East landscapes

The forum was held on August 27th with an excellent collaboration and sharing of ideas, thoughts and resources. See our resources tab for more.

Check out our latest news in our winter update.

Partners & Support

We are proudly supported by the Wettenhall Environment Trust.